Tips for discussing your estate plan

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Estate Planning |

When you create your estate plan, your loved ones will have a written plan for what you want to happen after you pass on. Part of it also provides instructions for your final days. After you have everything set, you may decide that you want to let your family members and possibly close friends know what it entails.

Having the discussion with them now gives them a chance to ask questions. Getting these clarifications now might help them execute the plan more smoothly when it’s time. It may even alert you to something that needs to be clarified in the documents.

When you sit your loved ones down to speak to them, be compassionate. This is probably a very difficult topic for them to hear you talk about. You should also lay out the facts as they stand. It’s best for everyone to know now what to expect.

Remember to discuss the entire estate plan. It’s easy to become focused on the will and trusts; however, your end-of-life plans are just as important. You want to make sure the individuals who have power of attorney are familiar with your wishes. They should be able to make decisions for you in the manner you’d make for yourself.

One document that’s often forgotten about is the letter of instruction. This provides valuable information for them that’s not part of the official estate documents. While it isn’t a legally binding document, it is one that can tell them the location of assets, any specific points related to your funeral and usernames with passwords for digital accounts. Let them now where they can find this document, so they can go right to it when you pass away.