Establishing a guardianship? Get the support you need

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Imagine watching your mother or father struggling to take care of themselves. They may say that they’re independent and that they don’t need help, but when you find bills that haven’t been paid due to forgetfulness or notice that they have no groceries because they can’t make it to the store, it may be time to look into establishing a guardianship.

The courts in Florida can grant a guardianship over another person, called a ward, if the judge believes that it’s in their best interests. Deciding to become a guardian of your parent is no easy task, but if you want to go down that path, you may want to speak with your attorney first.

If it’s time to seek guardianship, get enough evidence

Being appointed to be someone else’s guardian is helpful when they need more support, but you’ll need to convince the court that the other person can’t take care of themselves without a guardian and that no less-restrictive measure is appropriate.

For example, if you show that your mother has an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and has declining mental health, you may be able to have guardianship assigned to you so you can take care of her, make decisions on her behalf and take care of her day-to-day needs. A simple power of attorney over her financial and medical matters may not be enough to protect her against the problems associated with dementia.

Our website has more on guardianships and conservatorships. Making the decision to seek guardianship over a loved one is hard, but there is support available.