What you need to know setting up a conservatorship here in Florida

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Many recent media stories have captured how celebrities’ loved ones have petitioned judges to set up conservatorships over them. This legal guardianship arrangement isn’t just for individuals with extensive worldly riches, though. Conservatorships are used by many people to protect their loved ones from financial abuses — not just the wealthy or famous.

Understanding how conservatorship work can help you determine if one meets your needs.

How do conservatorships work?

An individual can petition a judge for either a limited and full conservatorship over their loved one’s finances or health care. A conservatorship is essentially a type of adult guardianship. Anyone who a judge appoints as a conservator gains rights akin to parental ones over their conservatee and can make virtually any medical or financial decision on their behalf. 

Judges tend only to appoint individuals to a conservator role if they believe that they’re capable of setting aside their self-interests and rendering decisions that will ensure their conservatees’ safety and well-being. 

When do judges allow conservatorships?

It’s not uncommon for judges to appoint conservators to individuals suffering from medical conditions that cause progressive cognitive impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. The court may also select a conservator for a comatose individual and even someone who suffers from a genetic or mental condition that affects their ability to reason through things maturely. 

How long do conservatorships last?

Judges may impose a short-term conservatorship of 90 days or less during a conservatee’s unexpected incapacitation. Temporary ones may give the conservator limited rights over a conservatee’s affairs while they’re in a medically-induced coma for a specified period.

Judges may allow for permanent conservatorships when conservatees have no immediate prospect of responsibly managing their medical or financial affairs. Conservatees can petition a judge to terminate their conservatorship if their circumstances change. 

Should you seek conservatorship over a loved one?

Many different situations may warrant a petition to a Miramar Beach judge to set up a conservatorship. If you think this may be right for your loved one, speak with an experienced advocate today to learn more.