What is wrong with a DIY will?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | Estate Planning |

Yes, you can make your own will for a meager price. There are hundreds of websites telling you exactly that, and while you can do it, you probably should not.

What is wrong with a DIY will? The same that is wrong with a DIY buy online anything.

To understand the issues, let’s look at DIY furniture. We’ll use the example of a bookshelf.

You spend hours on the internet, trying to find what looks like the best bookshelf. Yet, not being a furniture maker, you do not understand the minute details that make one product better than the other. So you choose on color, size and how it looks in the picture.

As you go to pay via the online shopping cart, a list of suggested additional items pops up. You are not quite sure what you do and do not need, and any extras you go for push the price up, moving it further from the bargain you thought you were getting.

The box arrives with a list of instructions that, if you bother to read them at all, are hard to follow and leave you with some questions. You ring the helpline, but after several minutes of Coldplay, you hang up and soldier on alone.

Finally, you build something that roughly resembles what you hoped you were getting, only to find it does not fit as well as you hoped. When you look at your watch, you realize it has taken far more time than expected, and you would have been better paying someone to do it for you.

You cannot afford to make a sub-par estate plan

Problems with a DIY bookshelf can be frustrating enough. Yet, problems with a DIY will would be much more so. There are many advantages to having someone to help you create a will that meets your precise needs. What’s more, you may discover that a will alone does not best serve your estate planning needs.